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DIY Leather Restoration Keys to Success

Leather Renew products are technologically superior to most other products of their kind available today. These "advanced" products enable even non-professional individuals to preform minor repairs and full re-finishing of leather or vinyl furniture, auto upholstery, or any other item, to a "factory fresh" appearance. Here are a few " tricks of the trade" which are used by pros to successfully complete projects, and you can use them to make your own project turn out beautifully.

  1. Read our detailed project instructions contained in your kit, and on our container labels, thoroughly before you start your project. Develop a mental picture of the steps you will complete as you work through your job.
  2. Don't allow yourself to get in a "hurry" to do the project. Allow yourself time to complete the job deliberately, and without "pressing" yourself to finish too quickly. When our customers encounter a problem on a project, that problem is almost always caused by a "rush" to finish too quickly. Please remember that this kind of work is totally new to most people, and we must give ourselves time to "think" our way through the project.
  3. Make sure that your leather or vinyl is COMPLETELY clean and free of any body oils, conditioners, cleaners, or any other substance which could affect the adhesion of the new finish to the old finish.
  4. When applying Leather Renew re-colorants to your leather be sure to do so in a series of very light coats. Each coat must be fully dry before the next coat is applied. Drying time can be minimized by using warm air from a hair dryer but don´t get the leather too hot!
  5. When spraying our re-colorant with a spray tool, don´t worry about small areas that are difficult to reach. Those areas can be touched up by hand later using one of the small foam brushes contained in all of our kits.
  6. Allow your completed project to "cure" for a few hours before subjecting the leather to extensive use. Usually two or three hours is enough time.
  7. Use Leather Renew's Leather Lotion, or our Leather Protection Cream on your leather and vinyl to keep it hydrated and soft while protecting it from stains, spills, etc.