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About Us

The founders of Leather Renew restored high end luxury automobile and furniture leather for over 20 years. During the late 1990’s they became convinced that the average person could do a professional type leather repair/re-finish job if they were given the same tools used by professionals, and a well done set of directions.

They began by assembling kits made up of the same tools and materials they used in their restoration shop, and selling them locally. The positive response from customers was overwhelming! Leather Renew was born!   Since 1999 Leather Renew has been providing our customers with professional quality leather care and restoration products which are specifically focused on those who wish to do their own repair. Our product menu includes complete kits, used by thousands of Leather Renew customers, to successfully repair and re-finish auto, home furnishing, clothing, and hundreds of other leather and vinyl covered surfaces. Since then literally thousands of customers have achieved “ Showroom Quality” results by using Leather Renew products on many different types of leather and vinyl objects.

Our customers have successfully re-finished leather clothing, shoes and boots, luggage, belts, and hundreds of other items in addition to auto interior, and furniture coverings.  Thousands of “skeptic” customers have become believers after trying our products. Try any of our Leather Renew repair, re-finishing, or leather care products and we know you will become a “believer” as well.

At Leather Renew we constantly work to provide new products to help our customers care for some of their most valuable belongings. Whether you have a minor leather repair or a weekend project, Leather Renew has premium leather products used by professional leather restoration experts.

For continued care of your leather, check out our leather care products. Designed to clean without damaging finishes or seam threads and to protect without leaving a greasy residue or film.